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ATI is the manufacturer of the best “purpose-built” 4 wheel drive Airport Plow Vehicle in the world; the Snow Mauler.  Mate the Snow Mauler with your preferred runway sweeper and plow blade for a superb combination unit, or just add your favorite blade for an excellent “pusher”.  The powerful diesel engine on the Snow Mauler is NOT under the cab, but located mid-ship for better weight distribution, tractive effort, and easy maintenance.

Why Choose ATI’s Snow Mauler?

What sets the Snow Mauler apart from the Competition is that it is an off-road “purpose-built” airport snow removal vehicle, as opposed to a dump truck style vehicle that is modified to be “good enough” for snow removal purposes. From an airport safety point of view this vehicle has outstanding sight lines and the operator environment is very quiet.

You truly are getting more for your money with the Snow Mauler i.e. more horsepower, more tourque, tighter turning radius, heavier axles, heavier and more durable transmission (the transmission in the Mauler is also used in large open pit mining vehicles and front end loaders), better weight distribution, heavier duty plow mounting frame, heavier frame rails, integrated controls i.e. we put the plow and sweeper controls into a single joystick package which makes the vehicle a dream to operate.

When the Mauler arrives at your airport there is no additional equipment installation required by the customer, it is ready to go to work i.e.

  • Plow mounting frame is custom built to take the blade you want to put on   (anywhere from 19 to 24′)
  • Weight box is included and is located “in frame” at the rear of the vehicle
  • Blade hydraulics and “state-of-the-art” control package is included
  • 5th wheel plate (or pintle hook) for towing your sweeper is included
  • Plow lighting kit is included

If you don’t have space for a bigger blade, or your shop doors are too small, check out these video clips of a Snow Mauler with Schmidt “QuikHitch” that was delivered to Saskatoon Airport.

The first video shows an “in-cab view” of the blade being attached.

The second video shows an “outside view” of the blade being detached.

Video: Operator View of Connect   (quicktime .mov format)
Click for Quicktime Movie – Connect

Video:  QuikHitch Disconnect  (quicktime .mov format)
Click for Quicktime Movie – Disconnect


Snow Mauler CBC News – CLICK  HERE FOR VIDEO (windows .wmv format)



How do our customers feel about the Snow Mauler? Here are some quotes by Heavy Equipment Operators who have used ATI’s Snow Mauler:
– “You can’t compare this vehicle to anything else… it is in a class of it’s own”
– “This is, by far, the nicest piece of equipment to operate in our entire fleet “
– “I don’t mind the long days if I can spend them in the Mauler”


To request further:

Snow Mauler PV – 350 information email us or company brochure click here.

Snow Mauler PV – 400 information email us or company brochure click here.

Combination Units

Combine the Snow Mauler with your Blade & Sweeper of choice for a high performance Multifunction Unit with unmatched operator visibility.

A 24 foot blade and a 20 foot sweeper combine for runway unit performance to rival anything made anywhere.
Or size down to 19 and 14 for maximum tight area maneuverability.

These Multi-Function Units can “Congo Line” down your busiest runways for maximum runway availability, or separate when you just need a powerful “Pusher”.


To request further Snow Mauler Combination Unit information or company brochure click here.


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