Airport Technologies Inc. (ATI) is a manufacturer of severe-duty airport snow removal equipment.  ATI is a Canadian Company; our manufacturing plant is located at Southport, a flying training centre and certified public airport near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.  We are located just 3 kilometers from the Trans-Canada Number 1 Highway, and are fully accessible to commercial transportation.

ATI takes great pride in the quality and reputation of our equipment, and also takes great pride in our high level of after sales service.  The owners of ATI came from working in airport operations, and fully understand the importance of reliability and returning critical snow removal equipment to service.

Our strength as a Company comes as a direct result of over 70 years collective experience on the part of the Company principles in the airport operation and maintenance business. We made one important commitment when we made the decision to form the Company:

To build for the operators & maintainers, not for the manufacturer, i.e. In addition to bringing our airport experience and expertise to the table, we resolved to work closely with operation and maintenance personnel in order to incorporate their ideas into the final product. We believe this to be the only way to build and RE-LIFE airport equipment that can satisfy the unique demands of the airport environment and its specialists.

All of our equipment is tested in an airport setting under a harsh Canadian climate…perfect for making sure that the equipment works under all operating conditions. Temperatures in our neck of the woods range from -40 to +40 degrees C with plenty of snow, so you know that your equipment has been tested in the harshest of conditions.

We have the confidence and the know how to tackle any project. We guarantee all our work.